Where To Vegan Official




WHERE TO VEGAN’ created by ex- financial analyst and foodie who struggled to find great vegan places to eat in London.

I wanted to do something purposeful and I thought, if I’m having trouble finding vegan places to eat then others must be too. As soon as that became clear I knew I had to do something to change it for the better.
Hiren Chohan Founder, Where To Vegan

Londoner Hiren Chohan, 27, who is a keen vegan cook and foodie, founded WHERE TO VEGAN  because alternative online sites were few and far between as well as ad-ridden, complicated and old fashioned and the alternative for finding great vegan food in London was trawling through travel sites and food blogs.

WHERE TO VEGAN features 100 percent vegan eateries from restaurants to cafés, stalls and food trucks including the likes of Stockwell’s vegan pizzeria, Pickywops, Camden’s cult meat-free kebab hotspot, What the Pitta  as well as Unity Diner, the Hoxton eaterie run by vegan celebrity educator and speaker, Ed Winters.