Viva La Vegan

Fashion As Vegan Activism

Upbeat,on trend,statement-wear that is eco-friendly,ethically mindful, responsibly sourced & beautifully made. Fashion that literally doesn’t cost the earth.

Born from our love for animals, a want to positively promote veganism and do our bit for our planet while looking good as we do so.

Our team at VLV are a committed bunch of vegans and eco ambassadors. No stereotypes here just a love of style and contemporary fashion. We make clothes that look and feel great without compromising our ideals.

‘Go Green’ is the new black, compassion the new life-style fashion that is more than a trend. Wear it well.

A fashion & graphics designer for many of the UK and International high-street brands for over 14 years, I love to play with colour, texture and clothes that make a statement. Spending many vibrant years abroad hands-on living and breathing fashion, travelling the world with my job for sourcing and meetings. I slowly became aware of, and disheartened by the darker side of the industry and the trend for disposable fast-fashion which goes against many of my own feelings of how we should treat the earth, her resources and her people.

Vegetarian from an early age I became vegan about 9 years ago after watching Gary’s infamous speech on intensive farming. Until then, I hadn’t known what dairy animals actually went through. Suddenly the idea of my favourite halloumi cheese didn’t feel so good, I made the switch Mid documentary and have truly never looked back.

Sunshine and good fortune brought me to Tel-Aviv, I was surrounded by fire-bellied, passionate animal rights supporters, vegans and vegetarians and eco-enthusiasts who believe that we need to bring about positive change by owning our own actions and walking the talk. This desire to make a difference was infectious…. One vivid dream , an inspired night of frantic sketching and the seeds of Viva La Vegan were sewn.

Member Vegan Traders Union