Vegan Action for Animals

We are Vegan Action for Animals, a creative grassroots animal rights and liberation activism team based in the UK.

As a team, we have worked on campaigns and actions together since 2016. Our aim is to expose the horrific reality of animal use, abuse and exploitation, to work towards a vegan world.

Diversity and inclusion are paramount to our core values of compassion and respect. We are a diverse team and welcome all irrespective of their religion, sexual orientation, race, age, gender, or disability.

As a group of dedicated vegan animal rights activists, our campaigns and actions range from outreaches and single issue campaigns to demonstrations and marches to animal rescues.

For the animals, always.

A vegan animal rights group based in Reading, UK.

Our objective is to promote the vegan lifestyle by holding protests, demonstrations and creative vegan events and activities, as well as recommending and supporting other events for human and animal rights in local areas.