Valley Forge Native Wildlife Refuge

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As a small. self-funded rehabilitation centre, there has to be a strict LIMIT to the
number of animals we can possibly accommodate and care for, at any time.

We have already reached that limit, and recognizing that most of those animals
currently in our care still need to be with us for quite some time before they can be
considered ready for release, we have enacted a TEMPORARY SUSPENSION on
further intake of wildlife casualties.

Our funds have been over-extended to a point where we can no longer provide a RESCUE service, since we are meantime unable to run or maintain a vehicle, suitable for that purpose (our trusty Jeep was scrapped in 2015, having served us dutifully for 17 years).All available resources have been diverted towards the continued rehabilitation of those wildlife patients already entrusted into our care (see chart below).

We still remain available however, to provide appropriate advice & guidance, on how best to care for any injured/displaced wild bird or mammal you may have found.Although we are always happy to help, and to provide this service entirely without charge, please recognize that this does not come without some cost to us.

Donation of even a nominal sum, helps us greatly in continuing to offer a professional
level of service to the community.

Valley Forge Native Wildlife Refuge
Banchory, United Kingdom AB31 4LB