Urban Squirrels, London

Urban Squirrels, London

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ABOUT URBAN SQUIRRELS Urban Squirrels is a licensed wildlife rescue unit that is based in London and specializes in grey squirrels: rescue, advice and advocacy. The work is carried out by Natalia Doran, her son Jonny, who is a young adult with autism, and several associates who offer invaluable practical and financial help.

THE RESCUE We take in orphaned and injured squirrels, mainly babies, hand-rear them and return them back to the wild, where they came from, using the soft release technique. We take referrals from vets, other rescue centres, tree surgeons and directly from members of the public.

THE ADVOCACY We promote a positive image of the grey squirrel and work to dispel some pseudo-scientific myths about the animal – myths that, unfortunately, can form the basis of cruel and pointless culls. We engage in campaigning on the social media, promote petitions, give interviews to mainstream media whenever an opportunity arises, write letters to editors and send out press releases.