The Karass Sanctuary

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Karass: A network or group of people who are somehow affiliated or linked spiritually.

At The Karass Sanctuary near Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway, alongside The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice, we provide a home for farmed animals used in the human food system, most of whom would otherwise have died in slaughter houses. We care for 100 residents, including pigs, sheep, hens and turkeys. We are Scotland’s only bachelor flock of cockerels, providing a safe home for lads who are usually discarded or killed as unprofitable and unwanted.

The Karass is situated in the beautiful Galloway countryside and is set on 4 and a half acres of land. There is a predator-proof fence so that the folk who live here can live as free and make as many choices as possible. We aim to provide the best, safest and most enjoyable home environment and care we can for every one of the folk who live here, and to provide an intimate, unique, personalised experience for visitors so they can get to know and interact with the residents individually, often having experiences with farmed animals that they have never before had the opportunity to have. Many people say, “Sheep always run away from me. The sheep here run towards me!”

With this knowledge about who they are, and seeing that there is another way, people are able to make informed decisions about what relationship they want to have with the animals humans farm for food.

Most animals in our society are denied a peaceful life and death. At The Karass, we show that there is another way.

We welcome visitors and have an open-door policy. *Please call us on 07423 559921 to arrange your visit.