The Green Grill

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We love junk food. We live by junk food. We believe in making junk food attractive and fun whilst being good for our bodies, the planet and the animals. In December 2017, The Green Grill was born with the intent of making accessible, sensational vegan street food where health and taste collide.

We believe in #flippingthescript and that eating kindly can be seriously delicious. Our distinctive coloured buns use only 100% natural ingredients, our products are totally plant powered, crammed with serious goodness and we keep a committed promise innovative flavours.

The boys started their journey into the vegan lifestyle a few years back; Joel, a seasoned hospitality consultant, worked for well-known high-end steak house and found he was forced to re-evaluate not only the food he ate, but also the food he worked with.

Robbie, a semi-professional footballer, ran a successful meat food preparation business, but after being reminded of how precious life is, he went about educating himself and committed to not profiting from the suffering of animals. He gave away his share in the company and dedicated himself to sharing the benefits of a plant-based diet.

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35 St James Street, London, United Kingdom