The Alternative Sanctuary

Charity No. 111406

Coningsby, Lincolnshire

07818 406619

Animals can suddenly become Homeless through no falt of their own. They can get cought up in human problems such as divorce, evictions, owners illnesses and when their owners just do not want them anymore.

At present 34 horses and Ponies live permenently at The Sanctuary. The aim is always to focus on a natural environment which is stable and consistent so they live in a herd with permanent bonds.

What I love about this charity is that Animals are not kept in cages or kennels over the past few months over 30 Dogs have come into the Sanctuary all of them live in a House together how smart is that! 

So far The Sanctuary has not had to refuse an animal in need but in order for this to continue YOUR Help is needed even if you donate One Pound it will help.

Right now the Santuary has 200 animals including 15 Tarrapins , 22 Rabbits , 30 dogs , 15 cats , 34 horses, 4 pigs , chickens, pigeons, ducks and Geese 

Please help if you can . If not please join the group. Thank you