Socelex, Newport

Socelex, Newport

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Socelex is an animal sanctuary in Gwent, South Wales. We care for injured animals of all kinds and rely entirely on voluntary donations. We have a no destruction policy and we operate an animal ambulance.

Socelex was established by Maria Hennessy in 1974.

The sanctuary, which is well known throughout Gwent and the valleys, is a converted farm, covers nine acres of land and costs approximately £2,000 a month to run. The animals include sheep, foxes, dogs, rabbits, ducks, pigeons, wild birds, geese, chicken, rooks and 40 cats.

Over the years Maria gradually learnt a great deal about animal medicine, and was able to nurse the animals herself – but Maria had cancer, and after a courageous fight to live for her beloved animals she sadly died in August 1996.

Her brother John and son Shane, together with a small team of dedicated helpers, carry on her valiant work.