Small Dog Rescue, Sussex

Small Dog Rescue, Sussex

Small Dog Rescue Sussex was founded by Pat Kaye in 2015 after she became aware of the dreadful atrocities committed in Romania to the nations stray dogs.

Determined to help, she started out by bringing just one or two dogs over at a time, fostering them and finding them loving homes.

From these small beginnings Small Dog Rescue Sussex was born. Now the rescue has a team of dedicated foster carers all over the country but mainly in Sussex, Surrey and Kent area. We also have a representative in Scotland.

We import approximately 250 rescue dogs a year, home check every potential adopter and provide Rescue Back Up for all our dogs if an adopter can no longer keep it.

We also rescue from Bosnia, and other Eastern block countries, The Azores, Spain and Portugal.

Most of our dogs are abandoned or come from kill shelters where their time is up! We only take small dogs as we feel these poor souls are more vulnerable than the bigger dogs in the shelters, plus we can home them quickly and save many more!!

We take lots of stray little pups too that have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

All our dogs are health checked, treated if necessary, fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered (if old enough) and micro chipped before adoption.

We are always looking for foster carers as well as adopters so please message us if you feel this is something you would like to do.

All foster carer’s must have a garden (that is secure), but adopters don’t necessarily have to have one for the right dog.

We are totally self funded and rely on donations to help us save these innocent souls.