Sea Shepherd UK

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From Sea Shepherd UK’s foundation in 2005 the charity’s primary purpose has remained that of supporting Sea Shepherd’s fleet of conservation vessels on campaigns around the world. However, growth in recent years has also allowed our charity to start campaigns around the UK and to other countries both independently and in cooperation with other Sea Shepherd entities such as Sea Shepherd Global based in the Netherlands. Sea Shepherd UK has also worked with UK based charities such as the Cornwall Wildlife Trust (Cornwall Marine and Coastal Code Group), the SSPCA, Fathoms Free, The Seahorse Trust and supporting where we can British Divers Marine Life Rescue with our UK based RHIBs.

  • Supporting ocean going vessels used for conservation work which are owned and/or operated by Sea Shepherd Global (based in the Netherlands) by providing funds for their maintenance and fuel for active campaigns in coastal and high seas campaigns for marine wildlife.
  • Supporting small boat crews by providing essential safety equipment such as helmets and survival suits to ensure the safety of volunteers on conservation campaigns.
  • A dramatically increased program of beach cleaning activities as part of our ‘Marine Debris Campaign’ around the UK coastline including around 30 beach cleans during just March and early April 2018.
  • Sea Shepherd UK has also been cooperating with The Seahorse Trust on investigations into the illegal importation into the UK of protected seahorse species from Asia, primarily as jewellery/decorations sold via international online auction/sales websites.
  • Sea Shepherd UK offers a reward for information leading to the successful conviction of individuals or groups for specific crimes against marine wildlife set at £2500 for information leading to the successful prosecution of any individuals or companies who kill protected or endangered marine wildlife in UK territorial waters.
  • The grant of Sea Shepherd UK’s ‘MV Spitfire’ 8.5m 400hp RHIB to Sea Shepherd Netherlands and the MY Bob Barker for IUU fishing patrols off the West coast of Africa.
  • Operation Mjölnir – Documenting by video, photographs and live-streaming the killing of endangered Fin whales in Iceland by Hvalur hf during the 100 day whaling season June – September 2018
  • Operation Bloody Fjords 2018 – Exposing using live-streaming and documenting the barbaric grindadráp in the Danish Faroe Islands in which hundreds, and sometimes over a thousand Pilot whales and Atlantic white sided dolphins are killed every year.