Scarborough Action For Animals – SAFA

Scarborough Animal Action aims to campaign for the rights of all animals who are exploited for food, fashion, research or entertainment – or for any other reason. Our core purpose is to promote the vegan lifestyle as a solution to bring an end to the exploitation of animals, by organising a variety of events, providing educational information, conducting peaceful protests against animal exploitation and campaigning alongside, and in support of, other specific groups.

We will hold regular meetings, which anyone can attend, to plan demonstrations and other events, and to reflect on our plans and their effectiveness. We welcome all compassionate people who want to get involved to end the exploitation of animals. We will also support or co-operate with other animal rights groups whenever we can, working in co-operation with other individuals and groups to ensure a focussed approach against animal abuse is maintained.

Scarborough Animal Action will not tolerate any form of bullying, racism, homophobia, sexism or religious intolerance.

To join, simply add yourself to this group and keep an eye out for events. Upcoming events are always posted and pinned to the top of this group. Feel free to ask any questions or post on the group – we’ll try to help. Purely & simply, it’s all about the animals.