Protect Our Wild Animals

Protect Our Wild Animals

 ‘When criminals circumvent the law it should be strengthened to stop them, not repealed to reward them.’

After ten overwhelming Commons’ votes, over seven years, in favour of a complete ban on hunting, the will of the people and their sovereign Parliament finally overcame decades of resistance and mendacious propaganda from the rich and powerful bloodsports lobby and a largely compliant media – democracy indeed! 

Regrettably, POWA believes that the Hunting Act 2004 has manifest deficiencies which, in practice, make it of very limited utility in preventing organised Hunts carrying on chasing and killing wild mammals for ‘sport’. Hunts are able to do this by exploiting the numerous loopholes and/or by pretending to be ‘trail hunting’ and ascribing any incident involving wild mammals as ‘accidents’. Monitoring reports countrywide appear to confirm that many, perhaps most Hunts, engage in such behaviour. 

Nevertheless, the Act, so long and hard fought for, is a lot better than nothing – and of huge symbolic importance. POWA therefore also campaigns against any attempt to further weaken or repeal the Act and to ensure, as far as possible, that it is complied with in the hunting field and upheld through the courts. 

But – like its long-illegal fellow bloodsports, cock and dog fighting, bull and badger baiting – the hunting of foxes, deer, hares and mink with packs of dogs must be consigned to the history books in practice, not just in theory.

Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act