Pigeon Angels


Pro Active Pigeons and Doves — for rescue, not sport.
We have members in many countries and communicate mostly in English, but that’s not exclusive. And we love pigeons, but that’s not exclusive either! 

This is an open group, and to keep it so we ask all our members to uphold the following rules:

P – Please be respectful, address others as you would expect them to address you.

I – Initiate healthy conversations.

G – Go the extra mile, help your fellow members as much as possible.

E – Enjoy each other’s company.

O – Offer factual information.

N – No demeaning, hateful, hurtful or harassing comments towards other members!

A – Advocating killing/culling or cruelty of any nature, towards any animal, will not be tolerated. Posts will be deleted and posters blocked.

N – No political or religious propaganda/controversy allowed. If you wish to discuss either of these two issues please do so elsewhere.

G – Gross indecency and pornographic material of any kind has no place here and will be immediately deleted.

E – Each member’s personal material is copyright protected. Sharing on Facebook is fine, but please ask members before using their material on other sites.

L – Legality and ethics of the group must be respected, and administrators are entitled to delete, at any time, any post or material that may compromise either.

S – Surgical/invasive procedures on any animal should only be performed by a qualified veterinary doctor. Any discussion otherwise is both unlawful and prohibited.