Parallel7 – P7

Parallel7 – P7

For the Animals, the Planet, for the People, Compassion, Non Violence.

ME – I have been vegan/plant based for 5+ years, prior to this I was veggie for a long time. After making the connection I can sincerely say that will never go back. Going vegan was the best decision I ever made, I only wish that I had done it a lot lot sooner.

WHAT I DO – I make 110% Vegan home made recipes, in a vegan Kitchen. No carnism here!

I specialise in making various flavours of Seitan meats, mostly using ingredients bought from vegan stores, and also my own home grown herbs.

I serve also on my stall, Jackfruit dishes and my own recipe of Mac ‘un’ Cheese.

I am quite creative with my recipes and in my spare time I love the challenge of experimenting with various concoctions of utter weirdness. Banana Peel Curry being the latest !

If you see me at an event, come and say hi.

I am also am animal activist.
For the Animals, the Planet, the People, Compassion, Nonviolence.


Member of Vegan Traders Union