Our Back Yard Wildlife Rescue, Ilkeston

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Lesley and Dave Robinson combine their love of arty activities with their love of wildllife. They run a small wildlife rescue called Our BackĀ Yard. This means that all the arty activities help to support this

During the cold winter months we over winter many hedgehogs that are not heavy enough to survive hibernation, they all need feeding and this costs a lot of money

As spring arrives baby birds need our help. Many are the result of cat attacks. This means they will need antibiotics to survive (cats saliva is very toxic), depending on the age of the bird as to how often they will have to be fed – could be every 15 minutes!

How can we help these creatures?

We have been involved in arty and environmental activities for years and decided to try and include this as a way of raising awareness and funds to help wild birds and hedgehogs