North East Hunt Monitors

North East Hunt Monitors

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Action Against Blood Sports in The North East

Who We Are

Established in 2016 North East Hunt Monitors are a fast growing and active voluntary group in The North East of England.  We are an independent, self funding group who spends our spare time protecting wildlife.   We are out at least three times a week throughout the Cub Hunting and Fox Hunting seasons to ensure our wildlife is protected and The Hunting Act (2004) is upheld.

When the hunts are out so are we, doing whatever it takes to protect wildlife.

The 2004 Hunting Act outlawed the blood sports of Hunting Wild Mammals with Dogs, of which Fox Hunting is one such “sport.” Yet, more than a decade after The Hunting Act was introduced foxes are still being killed by packs of hounds.

Due to many loopholes hunts are out week after week flouting the ban, under the pretence of trail Hunting.

Trail Hunting is not a sport.  Trail Hunting Means Fox Hunting

What We Do

We aim to save lives by disrupting illegal hunts using non violent methods.  We also aim to  collect vital photographic evidence of illegal activities, whilst liaising with The Police and Local Authorities in attempt to bring the perpetrators of wildlife crime to justice and close down the hunts.

Many times we are successful; we are able to save the life of a fox.  Sadly, at other times, despite our best efforts, we are not  and we witness the life of a beautiful animal savagely taken in horrific circumstances.  We also see hunters celebrate joyfully when they have killed- dancing and raising their hipflasks, hugging each other and cheering.

This is never easy to deal with.   However, we keep going for our love of wildlife, our respect for life and a moral obligation to uphold the law and protect these innocent animals, who deserve to live in peace
if we don’t, who will?

We believe that together we will help to bring an end to this barbaric pastime once and for all 

As well as our core activities of upholding The Hunting Act, Hunt Monitors also do so much more.  We are out all year round, monitoring badger setts, responding to injured wildlife, checking for illegal traps and snares, campaigning for better protection for wildlife etc. etc.