Makeup Without Malice

We stock vegan, cruelty free cosmetics from a range of different brands. Everything here is 100% cruelty free. That means no animal testing and no sneaky animal ingredients.

We currently stock items from the following brands; Medusa’s Makeup, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, Crazy Rumours, Violeteyes Cosmetics, Radioactive Unicorn, Concrete Minerals and Caked Makeup.

We will be adding even more exciting vegan companies to this list in the near future, so watch this space for even more vegan makeup.

Makeup Without Malice is based in London and run by Becca with a little help from her supportive partner and Frankie the cat!

(That’s Frankie, just chilling in an empty delivery box)

Becca is a committed vegan and has spent many years reading the small print and researching which cosmetics brands are cruelty free and vegan, this led to lots of frustration trying to find all of those different brands in one place and thus, Makeup Without Malice was born. 

Hopefully there will be some new makeup for you to explore as well as your old favourites. We will be adding more products and brands in the near future.

Rest assured that all items on the site are vegan and produced by cruelty free companies which neither test their ingredients or final products on animals, nor are they owned by a parent company that do so.

So why vegan cosmetics?

We believe that makeup should not be tested on animals and it shouldn’t contain them either. Put simply makeup is for humans. Not animals.

The four most common animal derived ingredients found in makeup are; Beeswax, Lanolin, Carmine (cochineal (that’s beetles to you and I)) and Guanine (fish scales). No thanks!

Cruelty has no place in your makeup bag!

Every time you choose a vegan product be it cosmetics, food or anything else you are making a stand against animal cruelty. If you’d like to know more about Veganism and the fight against animal testing take a peak at these links;

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