Luna Tree Jewellery

Luna Tree Jewellery was established in 2007 by Clare McCormack. Previously Clare had worked as a buyer for a Fair Trade crafts business with this work taking her on trips in South East Asia and to Thailand where she made her initial contacts with the village that supplies Luna Tree with their silver jewellery. It was years later whilst on maternity leave that business plans were drawn up and financing for the business venture were secured.

Clare comes from an artistic background and this teamed with her buying, retail knowledge and experience was the recipe needed to create her business.

Nature is the over ruling source of inspiration in the jewellery, both for Clare and for the silversmiths. The Karen people live close to the natural world working as subsistence farmers and have a very spiritual connection with their land. The hand worked Hill Tribe Fine silver has a look, weight and feel all its own and offers the wearer an intimate connection directly back to the silversmith who produces each item.

Clare works closely on the designs with the silversmiths on visits to Thailand. Many designs are pure Clare, some are a mix of Clare’s ideas and the silversmiths creativity and some are pure Karen Hill Tribe designs. Not quashing their creativity is something which is very close to the central focus of the business along with the Fair Trade ethics on which Luna Tree is ran.

Luna Tree Jewellery has been a proud member of BAFTS (The British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers) and recognised as an Importer of Fairly Traded silver since 2009. Luna Tree Jewellery champions a Fair Trade ethos and the 10 principles of Fair Trade at the heart of the business.

Doing things differently with a trade not aid ethos enables the silversmith community which works in partnership with Luna Tree to have the freedom of additional earnings which is complimentary to their subsistence farming whilst keeping their silversmith skills and creativity alive. The Luna Tree silversmiths enjoy the challenge of working with Clare on new pieces and by sharing ideas, can collectively establish innovation and fresh exciting products with every order placed with them.

During Clare’s annual visits to Thailand, Elephant Nature Park,a sanctuary for Elephants and other animals became part of every trip and Clare looked for a way her business could support Lek (ENP founder) and the charity Save Elephant which finances and runs ENP along side other sanctuaries and elephant care/education programmes in Thailand, Burma and Cambodia.

When Clare met Lertsark everything fell into place. Lertsark has been supplying Luna Tree Jewellery with his wonderful reproduction paintings of his original works since 2009 and Luna Tree Jewellery gift approximately 50% of the profits from their sales to the Save Elephant Organisation.

Luna Tree Jewellery is ran from a home based office in Chester, North West England and provides beautiful silver jewellery, designed and made from the heart, delivering to independent wholesale stockists within the UK, Europe and the USA. Luna Tree also sells at retail via the website to customers all over the globe.

Clare also sells directly and in person via several stalls each month at various locations around the UK. The majority of these are now Vegan fairs and Festivals. All Luna Tree products are 100% vegan and no animal products or exploitation are involved with production. Clare is a committed animal rights advocate and Vegan. To find out where she will be next keep in touch with all Luna Tree goings on via our social media platforms.

Member Vegan Traders Union