Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Yorkshire and East Midlands

Jerry Green Dog Rescue


Jerry Green Dog Rescue exists to provide a safe place for homeless dogs and to seek new loving places for them to live. We pioneer and provide the highest standards of welfare for the dogs in our care.

We’re proud to say that a Jerry Green dog is always a Jerry Green dog and we are always ready to provide support and care for all our dogs throughout their lives. We are a family that shares and enjoys the good times with our dogs and their adopters, but we are also there in the sad times, which is often when our dogs and adopters need us most.

We articulate and campaign for the humane treatment of dogs everywhere.

This is what we promise

  • ­Every dog that enters a Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre will receive the highest standard of care and welfare.
  • ­Our dogs will be found loving homes appropriate to their needs through high welfare Meet&Match® processes.
  • ­No dog will be put to sleep except when it is the only humane option.
  • ­We will retain the ownership of all our dogs and will recover them if their welfare is at risk.
  • ­We will support all our adopters and fosterers so they can always be confident the best advice and assistance is always available to them.