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Hand made vegan soaps, crystal malas and bracelets, silver jewellery, doterra essential oils advocate, yoga instructor, meditation teacher and reiki healer.

I initially took a career break from the banking industry in 2014 at which point I left the UK and travelled to India. The two and a half years away was exceptional for me. I discovered a desire for self exploration and internal reflection through yoga, meditation and reiki. These avenues opened up the doors of creativity and when I returned back to the UK I considered how I could feed my creative streak whilst also having an income to meet my basic needs.

Here is where I decided to set up “Jade Lotus” – where I can share things I love whilst feeding my desire to be creative.

Whilst I started my humble journey in soap making coupled with reiki it developed into the benefits of essential oils on an emotional level through my soaps. Which then started my journey with doTerra and sharing these pureĀ  theraputic grade essential oils to benefit myself and others on an emotional and physical level.

My journey didn’t end there (and it won’t for as long as I have breath!). I started to source aromatherapy jewellery because it just made sense for me to take my oils with me wherever I went and what better way than in jewellery. I started making my own aromatherapy beaded jewellery for family and friends to give as gifts and decided to start selling these also to share more of what I loved. This evolved into me still wanting to do more into the world of jewellery – which lead into me making pieces with both semi-precious gemstones in sterling silver and here I am designing, exploring, learning every day something new to share with like-minded people.

Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK

MemberĀ Vegan Traders Union