Heart Cure



To create planet and people friendly clothing that helps promote the fight for total animal liberation.

‚ÄčUsing the business to support the work of sanctuaries, activists and grass roots organisations that are working towards the same goals.

HeartCure was founded with the intention to ignite compassion in those who have lost it. To unite as a species against cruelty to the animals and the planet.

As a non-profit company, our aim is to raise money for sanctuaries and environmental causes. At the moment we are donating to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary and the amazing work they do rescuing animals.

Founded by Jordan and Georgia in 2015, HeartCure has been a long time in the making. Collaborating with other vegans and creating a brand that is just as much about art and friendship, as the clothing.

We hope you like our products and events!

Member Vegan Traders Union