Greenmount Wild Bird Hospital, Bury

Greenmount Wild Bird Hospital, Bury

Charity No: 509410

01204 884086

Greenmount Wild Bird Hospital has been established as a registered charity since 1979. Through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, recent years have seen great improvements to all aspects of the bird hospital, of which we are all very proud.

Our aims for the hospital are, as ever, to care for and release sick and injured wild birds or to house those incapacitated for release. To this extend, we have had much success. Our small group of volunteers work long and hard hours to ensure our aims are met and with like minds, make sure the birds that stay with us are given homes as close to their natural habitat as possible.

Our casualties are brough to us by the caring public who have an interest in their wellbeing. We are able to offer an ‘after care service’ for those interested in the outcome of the bird they have brought to us. We have found this to be very successful and been told by the public that it means a lot to them knowing how ‘their’ bird is doing. We get a wild range of casualties brought in from far and wide, ranging from the smallest wren to the proudest heron to the humble yet charismatic pigeon. No wild bird is refused and our volunteers treat all with the same care and dedication. 

We are also lucky to have a small group of ‘foster parents’ who, with a lot of TLC, are able to rear and release those chicks who may be orphaned. The rearing of a baby bird is a very difficult task and we are well aware that we cannot take the place of the parent birds that dedicate their lives to look after their youngsters. The baby season is a very busy time for us, as with all carers of wildlife, and our days have no start or finish time. By the end of the season, we are ready for some quieter months!

Our group of volunteers are building new aviaries, creating landscaped areas to attract wildlife, cleaning and maintaining our ponds as well as nursing, cleaning and feeding our patients and residents.

From time to time we are asked to do talks on bird care, which we do willingly, although we do not claim to know all there is to know. We have also spoken to children from local schools to help them to complete projects.

We are a working hospital, so visits from the public are not possible as we are busy caring for our many patients! As the saying goes, ‘it’s a hard job but someone has to do it’ and if you ask any of our volunteers they will say it’s the most rewarding thing to see a helpless bird brought to us, to help in its recovery and to see it released back to where it should be. After all, there is nothing quite like being free as a bird!

If you think you could help us in any way as a volunteer, gardener, fundraiser, joiner etc or if you can support our work by making a donation, please click on the ‘How you can help’ link at the top of the page.

Please note that we are unable to come out to rescue birds as we do not have the resources to provide a mobile rescue service.