Greener Habits Company

Why Greener Habits Co?

I had this realisation that all I was doing was simply changing habits. For example, we buy plastic toothbrushes, because it’s easily available and we always have. It’s a habit. The same goes for the use of plastic bags, plastic bottled shower gels, bottled water and even eating animal products- they are all habits. However, it isn’t always easy to find any alternatives to these plastic filled items, and so I decided I wanted to do something about that. It isn’t always easy to find vegan friendly products either. That’s when the idea of Greener Habits Co. was born early this year, from my tiny little windowless room in London with my equally tiny little doglit Khaleesi.

At Greener Habits Co. we truly believe that all lives matter equally, and no product that we use should cause harm to the environment, or any living being, including humans too. I hope, through Greener Habits Co., to help others access planet friendly, cruelty and plastic free alternatives to everyday items. Switching old habits, to new Greener Habits.

I am especially excited to be able to use this opportunity to support the incredible Friend Farm Animal Rescue

Every item purchased helps support the animals in this wonderful sanctuary based in Kent, Uk.

This is a self funded start up, which only works with ethical companies that share my values, putting the planet, animals and people first.

I’m so excited to share this with you all, and hopefully you’ll love all the products as much as I do. Lets save the planet one habit at a time.


Hannah & Khaleesi

Member Vegan Traders Union