Flintshire Wildlife and Pet Rescue

Flintshire Wildlife and Pet Rescue

01352 712345


Flintshire Wildlife & Pet Rescue is a small rescue centre owned & run by Joy & Elfyn Pierce-Jones. The admin of the facebook page is their daughter and is very hands on with helping her parents out with all of the animals.

Based in Holywell, North Wales the rescue is our home. We have over 100 animals here ranging from Domestic, Farm, Reptiles & Wildlife. Each animal is loved, cared for and always has their needs met.

We sell cats / kittens, dogs / puppies, reptiles, cage birds, chickens / ducks, hamsters, ferrets / polecats, rabbits / guinea pigs. We DO NOT sell the owls we rescue.

We do shows to schools / colleges, OAP homes, 999 Days / village fares etc. We will bring a small selection of animals with us to these shows to educate people on what is on this Earth with us / what we’re trying to save. To shows where we need stalls, we’ll bring a small selection of animals again as well as some things to sell to help raise money for our furry family! We do ask for a fee of ¬£50 to do shows/talks!

We’re always grateful to those of you who donate old towels / blankets for bedding, bowls / collars / leads / toys / cages & food for our animals, it’s always a massive help and the animals, if they could speak English, would thank you too!

If you need any advice / would like to donate or need our help rescuing something, please either ring us on 01352 712345 or contact me on here. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.