Ethical and Unique

In a world where even jewellery can harm animals and the planet Ethical and Unique (formerly Ethnique Unique Designs) offers an ethical and vegan alternative. E&U products are cruelty-free, contain no animal products and won’t harm humans, animals or the environment. Each item is handmade and feature my own designs inspired by personal experiences.

My guarantees to you:-


– No animal ingredients in adhesives, varnishes, paints, chalks, inks, dyes, pigments, enamels, glass, papers and cards;
– No biohazardous, toxic or carcinogenic materials; and
– No animal testing, including ingredients, components and finished products.


– All silver used (except for chains and findings) are 100% recycled, including bullion, wire and clays;
– Your purchase comes in a recycled cardboard presentation box and is kept safe in a recycled plastic / biodegradable postage bag;
– All beaded products are of high quality and purchased from reputable – preferably local – suppliers to avoid child labour and workshops; and
– No product uses mined precious or semi-precious stones, unless taken from pre-owned items for re-purposing.


– Everything I make is based on a personal belief, experience or love; and
– Every item for sale is a one-of-a-kind which I’ll never make again.

MemberĀ Vegan Traders Union