Durham Bat Group

Durham Bat Group

Do you have a bat emergency?

Have you found an injured bat? Is there a bat trapped in your home or workplace? Are you concerned about bats roosting in your property? Durham Bat Group volunteers can provide help and advice, but do so as part of the service provided by the National Bat Helpline (0345 1300 228)run by the Bat Conservation Trust on behalf of Natural England, the government statutory conservation agency.

Call the helpline and if the issue falls within our area, it will be forwarded to us to make contact with you and arrange to visit if this proves necessary. This enables the Bat Conservation Trust to monitor and coordinate activity country-wide, and to liaise with Natural England to enable it to fulfil its responsibility to provide public information with respect to bat conservation and legal protection.

Basic Bat Care

Prior to contacting the helpline, there are some steps you can take to help a grounded bat..

  1. Contain the bat in a suitable lidded receptacle – a small cardboard box is ideal – but make sure there are air holes so the bat doesn’t suffocate.
  2. Wear bite proof gloves to pick the bat up, or else coax the bat into the box without touching it. There is an infinitesimally small chance the bat may be carrying a rabies-like virus, so bats should not be picked up with bare hands.
  3. Place a soft piece of cloth, such as a tea towel in the box – make sure it is crumpled up so the bat can crawl into it and hide.
  4. Provide some water for the bat to drink. An upturned plastic milk bottle top with a couple of millimetres of water is ideal.
  5. Place the box somewhere dark and quiet.