Butterbelle Nut Butters

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We’ve been producing our nut butters by hand, in Shropshire, since early 2015 and selling them at markets and food festivals around the country, meeting you, our customers, face to face and finding out exactly what you want from a nut butter.

We are one of very few artisan nut butter brands who make all our products ourselves, in our own production space, here in the UK. This enables us to experiment, be creative and bring you new and interesting flavours when you want them. More importantly it means that every single ingredient we use has to pass our own stringent quality checks before it reaches the products that we put our name to. We roast all of our nuts and seeds ourselves, to ensure that the quality and freshness is preserved. By continuing to produce our nut butters ourselves we can promise they will always be authentic, completely unique to us and have minimal environmental impact, a premise which has always been at the heart of what we do.

Member Vegan Traders Union