Brinsley Animal Rescue

Charity No. 1135508

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Brinsley Animal Rescue is a Charity run for animals by volunteers, we rescue wild animals, pets and farm animals.

The Charity is run on vegan values, therefore we do not believe in exploiting animals for food, profit or entertainment.

2017 – 667 Animals Rescued

2017 has been another good year for the charity. During the year the charity has taken in 667 animals, pets, farm and wild animals.

–In total we handled 667 animals.
–We rehomed 308 into loving, life long homes. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry and ponies.

– 80 wild animals were rehabilitated and released. Including owls, foxes and hedgehogs.

We can only take in so may and care for them, as and when we have the resources in terms of funds, space and time. This means that we sadly have to turn many pets away almost every day of the week.

In 2017 we had to say no to 750 pets. We even received calls on New Year’s Day to give up pets bought for Christmas!

– We rehomed 1 pig, but sadly could not take in a further 125.

– We rehomed 60 rabbits, however had to say no to 229.

It’s now some ten years ago we moved to Brinsley and set up the Charity, since then we have steadily gained more experience and grown the Charity.

A massive, massive thank you to everyone that has made this remarkable year possible. Thank you to our hard working volunteers, to our supporters and everyone who has donated to the charity or helped us in some way, we are deeply grateful.

Without you, we could not have achieved so much and so many animals would not have been rescued.

There are many ways in which you can help our charity raise funds to cover the cost of animal feed, bedding and medication.


  • We have a charity ebay store selling new and used items. Ranging from Sass & Belle gifts, to our official merchandise including annual sponsorship packs for £20.00. You can click on the above title to direct you to our charity ebay store.


You can also make donations / one off payments through charity checkout, which is a secure link. You can click on the above title to direct you to charity checkout.