Austin’s Hamster Haven- South Yorkshire Hamster and Rodent Rescue

Rescuing unwanted/abused hamsters & rodents in South Yorkshire (and beyond), based in Doncaster. We find loving forever homes with suitable cage sizes.

Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire we take in hamsters and other rodents (rats, gerbils, mice, hedgehogs, multimammates, guinea pigs and rabbits to name a few) that have been abandoned, neglected or simply in need of a new home.
We health and behaviour check all of the animals that come to our care. If an animal requires taming we spent the time with them to ensure they are tame, happy and confident before going to their forever homes.
We do not adopt our for breeding purposes, animals from the rescue are for pet homes only.
We check the sizes of cages that the rescues will be adopted in, to ensure this is optimal for their health and happiness.
We take back any animals adopted out from the rescue that can no longer be cared for, for whatever reason.
We are a no kill rescue, animals here are humanely euthanised by a vet only when they are suffering and cannot be treated to recover/live comfortably. Very elderly or permanently sick animals will remain under the care of the rescue.
We bring all animals to their new homes all over the UK.

Please message the page if you are interested in adopting one of the rescues, need advice or need to rehome your animals.

You can also contact us by email at: