Animal Aid

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Animal Aid campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Animal Aid is the UK’s largest animal rights group and one of the longest established in the world, having been founded in 1977.

We campaign peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle. We investigate and expose animal cruelty, and our undercover investigations and other evidence are often used by the media, bringing these issues to public attention.


* To increase public awareness of the abuse of animals in our society, particularly in vivisection laboratories and factory farms and to educate public opinion to demand, by all lawful means, the abolition of all experiments on animals, factory farming and all other forms of animal abuse.
* To examine existing legislation on matters associated with the above objectives or related aspects and to promote social, legal and administrative reforms in furtherance of the above objectives.
* To prevent exploitation of animals.
* To educate the public and particularly young people to a sense of moral responsibility towards animals.
* To promote, generally, a lifestyle which does not involve the abuse of animals.

The Old Chapel
Bradford Street
Tonbridge, Kent