Ani-Mel Haven, Cumbria

Ani-Mel Haven, Cumbria

Charity No. 1161359

01900 881340

My name is Melanie James and I am the founder of the Charity The Ani-Mel Haven.

It is a sad fact that animal cruelty is becoming more common and the purpose of the Charity is to create a safe haven for abused, neglected and abandoned animals, birds, waterfowl and wildlife.

As time has gone by, Aswell as injured creatures I have began to take in animals with disabilities and special needs.

Rescuing animals is not a hobby or a phase; I live it and breathe it each and every minute of each and every day.

I believe that no living soul is beyond repair and I continue to do my best to fix each and every living thing I come into contact with here at the Haven. This has become my life purpose.

We offer a forever home for animals and birds that cannot be released back into their natural habitat and rehabilitate and release whenever possible.

Unfortunately I am unable to take in cats or dogs on a forever home basis but I work with owners to try and re-home when necessary.